Egypt: Exploring the Reefs of the Red Sea

Egypt - the land of Pyramids has another prime attraction. With the Red sea in it's backyard, Egypt offers access to luxurious yacht's, corals and a rich marine life

Get Lost in Greece and Get Ready for Adventure!

Greece is heaven on earth. If your ever wanted to experience the burst of colors and the natural beauty, the best time to visit is in spring. The green surroundings...

Luxury redefined

Finally the post you have all been waiting for. We bring a glimpse of what  one can achieve

Bora Bora : Five Star Luxury

God's own retreat. Words cannot do justice to this heavenly place. Lush blue water, beautiful skies and perfection. This is bora-bora in a nut shell Do visit this pristine beauty

Experience The Great Wall of China on a Layover

Ever thought what you would do an a long layover in China. Fear not, just get your visa beforehand and set out to explore the rich heritage of China. The...

One Essential Rule to a Happy Life

Ever wondered what it is that will make your life happy ? Having a rich experience, traveling and letting your mind and body be free, is essential to a...